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                          About us

                          Current Location: Home > About us > About us

                          Shanghai Guanghua Technology Co.,ltd. has the subsidiaries that are specialized in the production of various of chemical reagents with experienced technologists and sufficient instruments and? equipment for the research, development, testing and production .Our production of standard reagent co-developed with Shanghai Institute of Measurement and Testing Technology obtain the appraisal of local government. We acquire certain share in the domestic market and export to many foreign counties. Our company also obtains the authentication of ISO9001-2000.

                          We can develop customized or special reagents according to the requirement of the customer in additional with current products. Our tenet is to be one of the pioneer companies in the developing technical achievement and providing high-grade production with good quality and reputation. Welcome all the domestic and foreign customers for cooperation.

                          Contact Us

                          Address: 1315, No. 29, Lane 26, Hexuan Road, Wanda, Jiangqiao, Shanghai

                          Factory Name: Shanghai Jinyuan Fine Chemical Factory

                          Factory Address: Xiaokunshan Town, Songjiang, China       Zip Code: 201106

                          Sales Tel: +86-21-51098368    Fax: +86-21-52215553

                          Email (Chemical reagent): chemol@hi2000.com

                          Email (Metal surface treatment): yangping2046@yahoo.com.cn

                          URL (Chemical reagent): www.lyndonjarr.com

                          URL (Metal surface treatment): www.shchem.org


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